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Welcome to Roleplay Central![]

One of the purposes of this wiki is to provide a place for fans to merge the two universes through roleplay. There are a few simple steps towards being roleplay-ready!

1 - Create a character page! Name it with the full name of your character. This should include:

  • Your character's history (A detailed backstory, at least two paragraphs)
  • Your character's abilities (Are they a wizard? Do they have an elvin ability? Both?)
  • A character infobox. Insert > Infobox > Roleplay Character
  • Any other important information on your character
  • Your own username

If you are still working on creating your character, insert the template "WIP" (write {{WIP}}) at the top of your character's page to let other users know that it is unfinished.

2 - Get the character approved by an admin. Do this by inserting the template "Done" (write {{Done}}) at the top of your character's page. Please only do this for finished characters. This will let the admin know that your character needs to be evaluated, and they will look it over as soon as possible.

3 - If approved, you may start roleplaying! Choose a destination and someone to roleplay with. Roleplay by inserting a link to your character's page, then add a colon, and then your roleplay text. Example:

  • Aria Dolphin: Aria wondered where this strange girl had come from. "What's your name?" she asked.

Keep in mind that Councillors and Head of Department characters are invalid to normal users.

Roleplay Destinations[]

More roleplay destinations will be added, so check back for more!

We here in The Lost Wizarding Cities love to roleplay! We have some options when it comes to roleplaying, too. You can choose to Open RP or Partner RP.

Open RP takes place in common/public areas of the two worlds. It's an ongoing, never-ending RP that any user can jump in and contribute to, as long as they use an approved character.

Partner RP takes place in one of our other destination choices. You and a partner choose your characters and a destination, and roleplay together there until your characters leave that location. No other users can join in to your roleplay, although they can start their own in the same destination.

Wizarding World[]

Elvin World[]

For more roleplay information, click here!