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Welcome to Fanon Central![]

Here in the Lost Wizarding Cities, we use fanon to refer to information presented as canon, or true in the books, but that is actually made up by fans. This could include ships between series (Tam + Luna, Harry + Sophie), or made up places or characters, or whatever other fanon information you can come up with!

Now, how do you share your fanon ideas? Make a fanon page! This page should be structured as a factual page, but include a "This is a fanon article" notice at the top. You can make it about any appropriate, HP/KotLC related topic, but please try to avoid repeat pages. You can always contribute to an already-made fanon page.


  1. No canon pages. You cannot make a page about anything that is actually true in the books. For example, "Hogwarts" is not a fanon page.
  2. No inappropriate topics, swear words, or rude statements should be in any way used on any fanon page.
  3. You must register your fanon page below by inserting a link to it on this page.
  4. Keep your topics semi-realistic, so that it could conceivably fit into the HP/KotLC universe.

Admin reserve the right to, at any time, delete a fanon page that does not follow these rules or positively contribute to the wiki. If your page is deleted and you aren't sure why, please message the admin who deleted it for more information.

Fanon Pages[]


Luna and Tam


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Professor Scornsby


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